The New World
Sample Cover for Born of Water
Hello there, anyone who should drop by and read this first, in what I hope is many more posts to my LJ. I'll be honest, guys and gals, I'm too sure what to say in this first post. I would put info about me but that's in the bio, or the basic stuff is. I'm not even sure who I am completely, so how could I explain to you in a single post?

Suffice it to say, I am a graphic artist in-training, and an aspiring writer. I'll be posting random things at sporadic times but hey, maybe you'll see the first chapter of a New York Times Bestseller in the Journal.

Until then kids, talk to you soon.

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*waves energetically* I blame you for whatever whacky or smuttyness ensue!

I'll make sure to feed you lots of straight lines, then. *smirk*

You were gonna do that anyway.

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